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Who We Are

Claremont Presbyterian Church is a vital, inclusive, suburban faith community, which has celebrated its sixtieth year. Our membership totals nearly 450 people. In our corporate faith journey, we focus on worship, education, mission (both local and global), and spiritual development in seeking the mind and heart of Christ. We welcome all persons into full membership regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, social or economic status, physical or mental challenge.

Located at the far eastern edge of Los Angeles County, at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains, Claremont is a town of nearly 35,000 residents which has grown up around the (now) seven affiliated Claremont Colleges. It is a typical bedroom community in many respects– tree-lined streets with mostly single family homes surrounded by congested freeways–but the influence of the colleges, the Claremont School of Theology, as well as three retirement communities is apparent in town and in our congregation. The educational attainment of our congregants is generally high, and CPC counts as members a number of college faculty and administrators. Several internationally known religious scholars have been and continue to be active in our congregation.

We are a congregation that is especially ecumenically minded, believing in the validity of covenants and traditions other than our own. Our long-standing and solid relationship with Pomona’s Temple Beth Israel reinforces and testifies to that belief. We are a congregation that attempts to draw our membership and leadership circles as widely as possible. The Session adopted an inclusiveness statement in 1993, which states, in part, that we are called into Christ’s church not by the merit of our lives, but by God’s grace alone. The Session signed the Call to Covenant issued by the Covenant Network of Presbyterians which calls us to “seek the gift of unity among all who confess the name of Jesus Christ as Lord.”Claremont Presbyterian Church seeks to be an integral part of the public life of Claremont and the San Gabriel /Pomona Valleys and many CPC members are active in the civic life of the community.

The church and its individual members and staff are active in the Inland Valley Hope Partners, as well as the Claremont Ecumenical Council, and CPC keeps a high profile in Presbytery and Synod activities.

Claremont Presbyterian Church is a member church of San Gabriel Presbytery and the Synod of Southern California and Hawaii and PC (USA)


Our Community

When our congregation gathers we see wise elders and young children.  We see parents and grandparents.  We see college professors and college students.  We see gay, straight and transgender people.  We see democrats and republicans.  There are retired JPL scientists, nurses, elementary school teachers, home health providers, school administrators, entrepreneurs, tech system analysts, and artists.

Claremont Presbyterian Church has a long legacy of strong preaching, creative worship, nurturing child and youth programs, enthusiastic support for local and global mission, and active engagement in addressing the needs of our community through participation and advocacy.  Our congregation is actively working to develop new ways to be more effective in living out these priorities – which have always been the heart of our identity.  We long to be a resilient community, grounded in the path of Jesus, and doing our best to nurture people of all generations as mature and courageous disciples of Christ.